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New ***-Superior Hotel with ****-Infrastructure in a *****-Setting

 ----->  We are on vacation from November 1st to December 15th 2017  <-----

An enthusiastic patron once compared the Saanenland Region of Switzerland to the harmony of a beautiful melody: Nothing is exaggerated and everything breathes quiet green Beauty for the meadows and forests, blue for the lakes and sky, and white for the clouds and snow. You’ll find yourself just Standing there and enjoying it, surrounded by a ring of high mountain peaks. One of the most stunning of these peaks bears the name Spitzhorn, a “fair-weather mountain” that splits apart the clouds. This is where our hotel can be found: Come inside. Step away from the rush and stress of everyday life into a paradise of hospitality and comfort. The lightness of being will enchant you to such an extent ... you’ll be dreaming of your next stay before you’ve even left us!

Everything has been made just a touch more generous: broader corridors, brighter rooms, deeper plates, larger Drinks...Even the Champagne is more sparkly, the weather sunnier, the mountains higher, the pool more inviting, the alpine meadows more colourful, the Internet more exciting - and the smiles of our staff are brighter. Only your bill remains blissfully modest, a happy reflection of your unforgettable Holiday at the Spitzhorn. You simply have to experience it yourself - it's the holiday destination on everyone's lips...

Your hosts,

Your hosts, the Wichman's
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Richtige Ferien, wahre Ferien


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Michel and Ilse Wichman, hosts

«You will thank our 3 lucky stars!»

Michel Wichman


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